• CHEAP: Get 33% off this gorgeous Fluance Fi20 omnidirectional bluetooth speaker

    One of the hidden gems of the audio world is Fluance, a Canadian manufacturer of premium speakers, which boasts a 20-year pedigree. As you’d expect from any aspirational brand, its kit isn’t exactly cheap. But you won’t have to empty your wallet to pick up the Fluance Fi20, which is now available for $100, rather than the usual $150. With a 360-degree omnidirectional system, the Fluance Fi20 is capable of drenching a room with sound, ensuring your favorite tunes can be heard by all. Its 20-hour battery promises to last even the most demanding of events, while its AUX port… This story continues at The Next Web […]

  • If you lose a body part, other bits get a sensory boost – thank you, brain

    When you wake up in the middle of the night in total darkness, it can feel as if you have auditory superpowers. Suddenly, you can hear floorboards creak storeys below and the softest rustle of foxes destroying the bins outside, once again. Indeed, it is common wisdom that when you lose one sense, the remaining senses heighten. Research with people experiencing long-term sensory deprivation, such as blindness or deafness, appears to support this notion. People born without sight can indeed feel and hear things significantly beyond the range of the sighted. Brain data initially seemed to explain these sensory superpowers.… This story continues at The Next Web […]

  • Playdate is a cute lil’ console with a… crank (?) – and I fucking want one

    I love it when a bit of gear surprises me. And today? That surprise is the weirdly brilliant games console the Playdate. This little handheld device (it measures 74mm × 76mm × 9mm) looks like a cross between the Pikachu GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance, but with one major difference: it has a crank. Yes, a literal arm that you turn as though you’re operating an old school music box. Have a look: The Playdate’s screen is black-and-white (with no blacklight unfortunately) and it also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB-C, and a headphone jack. Design-wise, Panic, the company behind the Playdate, built it from the ground… This story continues at The Next Web […]