• Google’s Parrotron AI helps people with speech impediments talk freely

    Earlier this year, Google teased a neural network-powered algorithm that could do speech-to-speech translation in real-time. As impressive as that might be, the app was mostly inaccessible to people with speech impediments. This is why the company’s AI division has been working on new software specifically aimed at those with verbal impairments. In a new blog post, the Big G presented a new speech-to-text technology specifically designed for people with verbal impairments and atypical speech patterns. Dubbed Parrotron, the software runs on a deep neural network trained to convert atypical speech patterns into fluent synthesized speech. What’s particularly interesting is… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Goog […]

  • Google has removed 7 ‘stalkerware’ apps from its Play Store

    For the ongoing series, Code Word, we’re exploring if — and how — technology can protect individuals against sexual assault and harassment, and how it can help and support survivors. Google has pulled seven tracking apps from the Play Store after Avast, a cybersecurity company, found they allowed people to stalk on their employees, children, or partner. Stalkerware, which once seemed inaccessible, now takes the form of applications that allow someone to remotely monitor another person’s activity. For example, one of the apps Google removed was “Spy Kids Tracker,” a parental surveillance app that allowed people to read texts, view photos,… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Goog […]

  • TikTok is testing a WhatsApp shortcut to let you share videos with your best friends

    It appears social media sensation TikTok is taking a leaf out of the books of Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. The platform is currently testing a Discover tab to make it easier for users to, well, discover new engaging content. The Discover tap sits left of the upload button, where the Search function used to reside. See if you can spot the difference: The new Discover tab was spotted by serial leaker Jane Manchun Wong, who has previously uncovered yet-to-be-released features in popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It remains unclear if the Discover tab will be any different to the… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: WhatsA […]

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